McTimoney Manipulation and Sports Massage Therapy for the Retired Greyhound

racing greyhoundRehoming a retired greyhound can be an extremely rewarding experience.  Many greyhounds retire either because they were too slow or they picked up an injury.  Left forelimb and right hindlimb injuries are most common, including muscle tears, ligament damage and fractures.  Because of running in the same direction on a tight, oval track, a recent study found that most greyhounds had their pelvis tilted to the left, while racing this gives an advantage when cornering, but once retired this can put strain on the muscles and joints as the greyhound begins to age.  Tight and tense muscles over the back may cause discomfort and lead to compensatory injuries.  Getting your retired greyhound treated may help him settle into his new lifestyle as treatment promotes a sense of calmness and well being, it could help discover any potential problems that can be addressed with guidance.  For more information or to book an appointment go to

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