How to bath a horse in winter. 

My young cob has been playing with his friends in the field and came in soaked with sweat the other night, his winter woollies coming through is keeping him toasty. 

He’s also itchy, very greasy, and has scurfy skin, he suffers from mild sweet itch which has been playing havoc with his skin and coat the last few weeks, despite my best efforts to protect him. Most of all this he stinks! If it was summer then washing him would help alleviate some of these problems.  However as it’s now November so that seems a bit mean. 

Enter the dry shampoo bath. Using baby powder sprinkled over a bone dry coat, then rubbed into the skin using a rubber curry comb. 

The powder then needs to be brushed out, best to do this with a body brush, keep going until no more powder can be seen in the coat. 

If you have a dark horse you can use cocoa powder instead, which will blend in better if you can’t get it all out. 

You will be left with a gleaming, shiny coat, the dry “shampoo” removes excess grease, scurf and stains without stripping the coat or removing the weatherproofing. 

Gleaming after his dry bath. 

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