Listen to your horse! 

At the moment I’m starting my horse under saddle which is going really well. He stands like a rock at the mounting block and is taking it all in his stride. 

But the last time I’ve ridden he was starting to fidget at the mounting block, put his ears back and throw his head when mounted, shaking his head and getting annoyed if I gently shifted position. Was he just bored of the process? Was he deciding a ridden career wasn’t for him?

Thinking back, his bed had been scattered that night, Badger is usually messy in his stable, kicking his bedding around, so I didn’t think too much of it, but when I looked back in his stable I could see scratch marks up the wall.

He had probably gotten cast.

So I treated him and left him to rest for a day or two before riding him again. 

After being tested he was back to being his usual quiet, steady self. 

Getting cast can cause musculoskeletal discomfort, getting your horse treated can help prevent unwanted behaviours, especially in a young horse being trained under saddle. 

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