Gentle Movement for Pain Relief

So yesterday I told you about my fitness goals for the year and that I have the complication of a chronic pain issue. Well, my secret to getting moving gently without flaring up  my back at first is tai chi or it’s closely related counterpart qui gong. 

I have started with doing just ten minutes a day to help gently mobilise my joints and strengthen my quads and glutes. Tai chi is suitable for anyone who has any kind of pain or restriction and can be done by anyone of any age. I use dvds or YouTube to find routines to follow. Really simple! Try it and see how you feel.

First time I tried this I couldn’t walk down the stairs in the morning, I had to slide down on my bottom. After a week of a short daily practice I was able to carefully walk down, after two weeks I wasn’t waking up in pain anymore and my endurance had greatly improved. I started with just ten minutes each day, by the second week I could manage a whole hour. Pretty impressive. 

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