About McTimoney and the Treatment

McTimoney is a truly holistic approach to caring for your animals’ physical wellbeing. My approach is to tailor each treatment to suit the individual. I try to find out what might be causing the problem in the first place, rather than treat the symptoms. During the consultation I gather information about the animal and the owner, any previous injury, any problems it is coping or not coping with currently.

After watching how your animal moves I commence treatment.  First realigning the skeleton using the McTimoney technique, and then massaging any tightness or tension away throughout the body.
After the treatment I will give advice and recommendations on how the owner can extend the benefits of the treatment.  This could be hrough massage or stretching techniques, which I will demonstrate, or changing aspects of the animals life or exercise that may prevent the same problem from reoccurring.

image3When working with an animal I never force it to accept the treatment, and strive to maintain the animals confidence at all times. In order to use a McTimoney Practitioner, you do not need to be referred by a vet, although you do need permission from your vet before the treatment commences. I will remind you of this when booking your appointment, and ask you to sign a form saying that permission was granted. More about why your vet needs to be involved can be found here.

“So so happy with the treatment my horse has received from Anna. Anna is gentle and kind, and explains what she is doing and how it helps. Anna is always happy to answer any questions and check any lumps or bumps! Anna also leaves you with a plan of action before her next visit. I’ve seen a vast improvement in the movement of my youngster since using Anna.” Zoe

The technique uses speed rather than force to make “adjustments” to the skeleton.  In actual fact what happens is that the nerves are stimulated to release and relax the muscles surrounding each joint that is worked on.  This improves range of motion in that joint and increases comfort.  Each joint that needs to be worked on is treated, it is the ultimate short levered technique.  I then use massage and other soft tissue techniques to release all trigger points and muscle spasm, giving a deep and thorough treatment that tends to last for a few weeks afterwards, depending on the issues the animal has and the state of tension before treatment. To read more about using a McTimoney Practitioner click the link.

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