Why the long wait?

The first time you try Bowen, two things are apparent.

Firstly, it feels a little more “hands off” than most therapies. The practitioner will make a move consisting of several gentle rolling motions. The practitioner isn’t constantly touching the client throughout the treatment.

The second is that the therapist will walk away and leave the patient, usually for 2 minutes, but sometimes up to 5, 10 or even 20 minutes at a time, depending on the procedure being given.

The waiting allows the body to assimilate the instructions the therapist is giving it. If the patient has a particularly tense or problematic area, the instructions can take a while to move through the tissues, releasing them. This gives the patient the opportunity to feel the tissue releasing and gives the body time to make adjustments before more instructions are given.

Bowen is an extremely gentle, but effective treatment that removes tension from muscles, realigning the spine, aiding mobility, reducing pain and removing stress from the body.

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