Benefits of Regular Complimentary Therapy

A search on pubmed, a web based research paper database, brings up over 14 000 results for complimentary therapy, among them, many papers on the long term effects of massage or hands on therapies. Although the quality of some research may be lacking, there is beginning to be a substantial body of research on the benefits of different types of touch therapies applied to all species.

Many people think of having a massage or treatment as an occasional treat, but the evidence suggests that regular treatment can help reduce stress, help people cope with chronic pain and conditions that cause chronic pain, such as arthritis.

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It seems, though, that there is a general consensus that complimentary therapy should be able to “fix” a chronic condition, or any condition, in one or two treatments. I come across this a lot in practice, people hoping that a couple of treatments will cure them of arthritis pain for good.

It is interesting to me that people don’t expect this of western medicine, they don’t expect to take one dose of statin and have their cholesterol under control, or one dose of blood pressure meds, antibiotics, or even pain relief medicine, but they do expect this of a massage or therapeutic intervention.

I, myself, have chronic pain, for which I find regular Bowen treatments along side targeted exercise helps me cope with my condition, improves my quality of life and my mobility, and reduces anxiety and depressive feelings. If I stop either one, then the pain spiral and emotional turmoil starts again.

For my human patients with chronic pain, stress or anxiety I suggest at minimum monthly treatments, weekly would be best in order to allow an improved quality of life.

For my animal patients with chronic conditions such as arthritis I would suggest monthly treatments to help keep on top of any pain or restriction. Maintenance treatments for healthy horses are best at 1-3 month intervals depending on the intensity and regularity of exercise that they undertake. This will help prevent chronic muscle conditions from occurring in the first place.

It is important to realise that any complimentary therapy can help improve all manner of conditions, but at least a course of treatment is necessary to relieve symptoms and help prevent them from reoccurring.

My mission is far more than reducing pain in as few treatments as possible, my mission is to help you live a life full of vitality, free from stress with improved health and education to make choices that will help you acheive your goals.  If this sounds like something you are interested either for yourself or you four legged friend, then call me on 07931 523606 and we can discuss your requirements.

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