Come fly with me!

The flies are awful at the moment, so I wanted to share my fly spray recipe. I’ve been trialling it on my own horses and it seems to work rather well.

1 mug of strong tea

Half a cup of vinegar (cider/ normal or spirit)

1 clove of garlic

1ml of cedar wood essential oil

1ml of lemon eucalyptus essential oil

Mix the essential oils in 5mls of sunflower oil

Add the ingredients to a 4 pint bottle such as a clean milk jug.

Dilute with water to fill the milk jug.

Shake well and use the diluted mixture to fill an empty spray bottle. Apply twice a day.

The cedar wood is known as a base essential oil. It evaporates much more slowly than citrus essential oils that fly sprays are usually made from. This means it last much longer between applications, and the flies hate it.

You will have to shake the mixture well before applying or you can add a drop of baby shampoo or horse shampoo to help disperse the oils in the mixture, although I haven’t tried this so I’m not sure if it reduces its effectiveness.

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